Frequently Asked Questions

What type of site is I-Love Traffic?

I-Love Traffic is a free digital marketing website for online business owners and affiiates within the "work-from-home industry".

What is the purpose of I-Love Traffic?

I-Love Traffic is a membership site that facilitates the "swapping" of emails between people wishing to advertise their websites and offers on a permission-based premises, It is also a means of generating viral views to banner advertising across many sites on the internet.

How do I send marketing emails?

Visit the "Emails Section in your Dashboard Menu, compose your email message, assign mailing credits and click send.

How do I add banner and text advertising?

You may advertise 4 different banner sizes which you will find in your dashboard menu. Simply add your image URL, target URL and then assign your banner credits. You may do the same for text advertising, except in this case, you will enter a short line of text and a target URL

How do I earn banner credits?

You may earn banner credits by promoting your viral banner links or code, outside of I-Love Traffic (on your website, or on other websites where you have permission to do so, such as traffic exchanges, viral mailers, etc).

You may also trade mailing credits for banner credits at the specified rate for your membership level.

How do I earn email credits?

You may earn email credits by clicking the special link contained in emails that you receive from fellow members.

How do I earn text ad credits?

You may trade mailing credits for text ad credits at the specified rate for your membership.

Must I be a member of I-Love Traffic to use it?

Yes, but I-Love Traffic is free and easy to join. Simply sign up, verify your account via the email we send you, and you can begin.

Is it really Free?

Yes. We give you the choice to generate your own credits and to advertise for free. There is never an obligation to upgrade or buy credits.